Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Life has been so crazy!!  I am preparing for major surgery on Tuesday. My help that I hired fell through. I got new help.  A good friend is in the hospital.  I am very stressed and cannot seem to relax.  Ugh

Sunday, August 28, 2016

End of Summer Tote

For those who know me from my previous blog (which got deleted and I could not recover) you know that I adore totes.  I fell in love with totes my freshman year at  Skidmore College in 1976 and I am still in love.  This field bag from Utility Canvas is a winner. It can be a tote, overnight bag or handbag.   What's your favorite tote. Please share. I cannot wait to hear your thoughts.  Until later.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

I am a sucker for end of season sales.  J. McLaughlin is one of my favorite stores for end of season sales.   I picked up this caftan today. It will be perfect for my recovery and for upcoming vacations. What's your favorite go to end of season sale store?

I am finally back to blogging. After having my former blog disappear and not being able to retrieve it I was frustrated to say the least!!  I have made the commitment to get back to blogging and I could not be more excited.

The last year has been a blur. I had major surgery (thoracotomy) in February for a paralyzed diaphragam and phrenic nerve.  It was not successful and has to be redone on September 6th.  I will be out of work for six to eight weeks.  I cannot wait until it is over.

I am enjoying apartment living and have made some very good friends where I am living.  I hope that you will join me as I work, recuperate, travel and play.


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